The Incredibles 2 Full Movie HD Free 1080p

The Incredibles 2 Full Movie HD Free 1080p

Incredibles 2 will undoubtedly rake in millions at the box office — but that isn't why Disney-Pixar made it.

While visiting Pixar Animation Studios during a press day for Incredibles 2, Screen Rant correspondents sat in on a conference with director Brad Bird and the sequel's producers John Walker and Nicole Grindle. There, Bird spoke about some of the obstacles he faced in returning to the beloved property 14 years after the original Incredibles was released, revealing that no matter the challenges, he only wanted to share an engaging story in the follow-up film. Bird then promised that money wasn't on his mind when making Incredibles 2, and that the film is in no way a stereotypical cash grab sequel.

"The thing is, many sequels are cash grabs. There's a saying in the business that I can't stand, where they go, [does a funny voice], 'You don't make another one, you're leaving money on the table!' Money on the table isn't what makes me get up in the morning. Making something people are gonna enjoy 100 years from now is what gets me up," Bird explained.

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